Hairstyles 2007 – The Best Hairstyles for summer 2007

Were coming up to summer so lets look at 3 summer 2007 hair styles that will be “hot” hairstyles to have and will be very popular.
Here are 3 hairstyles for the summer of 2007 which are all great looks to have and will make you look chic, sexy and stylish all at the same time.
1. The short crop. This style is the ultimate cut for today’s busy women and as you can literally wash and go and was the hairstyle of late 2006 became the hairstyle of 2007 and looks set to rise in popularity in the summer months. It has been used by many women as a life statement and many have had it after a significant life change as statement of new start and a new intent in life. Of course, with the summer heat it’s a cool hairstyle to have and one which is set to become even more popular due to its convenience. Short hair can be done in lots of different ways and there is a cut to suit all women.
It can be tidy, messy or shaved very short. The latter cut can be longer on top and shaved very short to the ears and back. The short crop has never really been away and has become very popular in 2007 and looks set to become even more popular as we enter the summer months.
2. The shaggy just sexed look.This hair style is longer than the short crop above and is styled with a view to look messy which gives you that just sexed look. The trick with this look is to not wash the hair every day. Washing the hair daily will dry it out and make it lose its natural shape and this is all about natural shape and sexiness. Hair with natural moisture and oils in it is healthy and is perfect for this look. You can wash your hair in the evening, then gel it up in the morning to get that just sexed look and you’re all set to go.
Here are three more great hairstyles for the 2007 summer months that you can try.
3. Medium-length hair twirls.This summer, try loose waves look great.
Twirling sections of damp hair into place with your fingers. Shampoo and then rinse the hair then part your hair into approximate one-inch square sections. Apply a defining product to the area and twirl hair around your finger. When set and dried you can comb the waves with your fingers.
4. Long hair - ponytail. If you have long hair, you can have fun with some of the summer's fashion-inspired ponytails. The "Faux Hawk," is a look that is becoming increasingly popular. It looks like a Mohawk when viewed from the from the front, and is pulled into a sleek stylish ponytail at the back. Take hair from each temple, secure then smooth the rest into a ponytail. Then take the hair pulled from the temples with pins, pull it up to where you want it and secure back down.
Straight hair - Wide headband For naturally straight hair, use a chic and stylish thick headband. Choose a band about two inches wide, place it on top of the head and secure it at the back with a pin if necessary. This will give you a great clean, sexy and sophisticated look.The above are just some of the hairstyles that look set to be hot this summer and you will look stylish sexy and cool with all of them.

Banish Baggy Eyes and Dark Circles

Do you want to banish baggy eyes and dark circles around them? Think you need an expensive cream? Plastic surgery? Think again.
Our simple home remedy will cost you virtually nothing and you can have great results. You can really banish baggy eyes and dark circles.
How Did You Get Baggy Eyes? Dark Circles?
The bags and dark circles that you see under eyes can be the result of a number of things. First of all it may be (and often is) an inherited tendency. Next there are just people who are born with darker circles around their eye sockets. Next they may be just part of the natural aging processes. Lack of restful sleep often results in bags and dark circles, and finally it may be due to environmental factors such as allergies, dehydration and crying.
The truth is, the causes are not perfectly understood. What is Technically Happening?
Aging causes our skin to get thinner. There is a break down of the lattice work under the skin formed by collagen fibers. This latticework acts to keep the skin tight and elastic.
Then, the thin skin, when seen in places without layers of fat (such as the skull or hands) gives a darker appearance...With the skin around the eyes thinning, the blood vessels beneath and our own darker shadows of bone to begin to show through. This may be worse due to genetic pre-disposition, but things like too much UV light and even smoking and worsen the effect.
Also a general lack of sleep or restful sleep is another culprit for baggy eyes and dark circles. It may have a lot to do with blood supply and oxygen in that area.So, What Can be Done?
You may not be able to completely eliminate baggy eyes and dark circles, but you certainly can reduce them. Here are some real and effective tips to follow:
• Drink plenty of fresh clean water daily and keep yourself hydrated
• Take a 3mg tablet of melatonin (if your doctor agrees) each night, and try to get a more restful sleep
• Stop smoking
• Wear refrigerated eye pack just before going to bed
• Prepare a strong cup of tea with teabags, and then chill the bags with most of the water dripped out. Apply the teabags to closed eyes for 15 minutes during a nap or at the end of a long day.
• Take collagen tablets, but consult your doctor to doses and frequency of such food supplements.
• Consult your doctor if none of the above are helpful for you, as the problem may be related to something else that needs attention.
What you should not do is:
• Do not use Preparation H. It can be very harmful
• Do not buy expensive creams, as they do not work
• Do not just cover the problem with makeup, and forget about it. Try to solve it, not hide it.
• Do not assume plastic surgery is the only option. Leave the option of the knife as a last resort.Remember, in many cases, its just your genetic disposition, and then not much of anything can eliminate the baggy eyes and dark circles, but certainly, some of the remedies we suggest can really help.